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Thursday, May 08, 2008

summer clip

summer clip
Yippee Skippy! He has a brand new summer clip. Last night was sooo hot for Skippy - he panted instead of sleeping. He's much more comfortable now with his short haircut.

I do have to make a quick comment on the ticks this year. Terrible! Poor Skippy gets so many of them. I hate stop him from running through the tall grasses. He loves this. But even in relatively urban Belmont, he picked up a dozen yesterday. If we walk in towns to the north or west its worse. Also, he often picks them up in our community garden. Seems like its just a bad year for ticks.


Anonymous Anne said...

omgosh! yes -- ticks equal major YUCK. It has been a bad year for them so far. I've been pretty lucky, but I'm eying the flea/tick collars. I really don't want these little buggers crawling in the house!

3:01 PM

Blogger Bethany said...

omg, Skippy is gorgeous! much easier to get a look at him here on this blog.

11:23 AM

Anonymous 1000petsupplies.com said...

Flea and tick collars are a good idea, especially after a bath and anti flea/tick shampoo. Looks like Skippy's fur is tick and it would be mighty hard to see fleas and ticks against the black fur. You can still take advantage of some promo codes for discount pet supplies for that are ending in June. Check out the featured products at our site: 1000petsupplies.com. Promo codes are ending on June 30, there are also some free shipping coupons.

12:25 PM

Anonymous 1000petsupplies.com said...

Ooops! I meant "Looks like Skippy's fur is tHick..." not tick... my bad.

12:27 PM


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