Our backyard photo journal - a collection of pictures of Skippy and the plants and flowers in our backyard. Also pictures from Skippy's walks & stories of his therapy work. Skippy is working hard at learning to be a Therapy Dog.

Monday, April 07, 2008

muddy (happy) dog

... and why is it that Skippy gets a bath so often? I remember now. There's something about the spring that is very very muddy. Today Skippy swam in the lake, then played ball in the dirt. Then he went home and had a bath and jumped up and bed and slept like a puppy.


Blogger Candi said...

Hi Kathy and Skippy, I'm the same with Candi, infact now that the better weather is here we are taking her out more and more. Skippy is soo cute he is absolutely gorgeous, i love his coat.

take care

ails & candi

5:05 PM

Blogger shane said...

hi skippy, you're so brave and cute. just keep run the race with kathy. :)
Dog Fence

2:57 AM


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