Our backyard photo journal - a collection of pictures of Skippy and the plants and flowers in our backyard. Also pictures from Skippy's walks & stories of his therapy work. Skippy is working hard at learning to be a Therapy Dog.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

what a day!

spring pond
Spring in New England is beautiful. This is Callahan State Park in Framingham, MA. Skippy had fun running and swimming and looking at wildlife. He thought it was pretty nice.

swim pussy willows
turkey vulture deer
running more run
dogs fileds


Blogger Fenway said...

Hi Skippy

It's Fenway and I'm in a heap o' trouble. Check out today's blog and see what I was up to this morning. Whew...

Meanwhile, you look like you had a LOT of fun running around the park. Did you chase that deer? Were you scared of the osprey?

I'm getting ready for my first big-time conformation show. It's in 2 weeks. I haven't decided yet whether I will parade around the ring nicely or jump wildly and embarrass my owner. Either way, I will be gorgeous, so I don't really care.

Please stop by and see the latest news and the trouble I found this morning.


12:30 PM

Blogger Gunner said...

Skippy, that park looks too cool!
I'm gettin my mom to find me a place like that to run around and play in.


3:00 PM


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